• The Future Parliament Through The Eyes Of Politicians, Experts, Voters, And Members Of The Diaspora

    The Future Parliament Through The Eyes Of Politicians, Experts, Voters, And Members Of The Diaspora
    24 April 2021 | 09:58

    On April 15, the Constitutional Court examined the appeal of President Maia Sandu to clarify the circumstances that allow the dissolution of Parliament. The Constitutional Court ruled that the Parliament must be dissolved, as the inauguration of a new Government became impossible. The Constitutional Court decision is final and cannot be appealed.

    April 15, 2021. Political statements after the decision of the Constitutional Court

    Igor Dodon, the Socialist Party of Moldova

    The Socialist Party of Moldova is ready for early elections no matter when, either in May or in June. However, holding elections during the COVID-19 pandemic is a problem for the country. Most likely, snap elections will be held no earlier than August 2021. We can dissolve the Parliament after June 1 if the situation in the country is better and if we have a million vaccines. Any decision, however, must be made through dialogue, without blockage, without taking people out into the street. This is correct, logical, and politically mature.

    Andrian Candu, Pro Moldova parliamentary faction

    We will support the organization of snap elections as early as possible to clean the country of harmful political forces that fraudulently seized power in June 2019 and only managed to generate crises, poverty, and destruction of state institutions. The decision of the High Court clearly illustrates the failure of the Action and Solidarity Party and the Socialist Party of Moldova that keep striving for power and claiming to have depoliticized and liberated the institution of the Constitutional Court. We can trace the same thing in all areas where the two parties showed their capabilities and visions. They have installed four governments in two years, of which the fifth, the one in resignation, seems to be the longest running. 

    Renato Usatîi, Our Party

    The Constitutional Court found the circumstances that justify the dissolution of the current Parliament and we are waiting now for Maia Sandu’s decree on setting the date of the early elections. From now on, the downfall of the Dodon-Shor coalition is just a formality, which will officially end with the announcement of the long-awaited election results. We will try to speed up their fall. This was the last Parliament in the history of Moldova that acted in the personal interests of corrupt groups! We will not allow such things to happen in the future Parliament! We will continue to work strictly in the interest of the people! 

    Pavel Filip, the Democratic Party

    Worst of all, until the state of emergency expires and the current Parliament is dissolved, it will become even more harmful and toxic. From now on, we will see more excessive populism, hypocrisy, and irresponsibility in Parliament. There is already a month and a half of shows and unconstitutional initiatives, adopted by the parliamentary majority without financial coverage but with an electoral tinge. This Parliament will do more harm than come up with solutions. We need snap elections as soon as possible.

    For Moldova faction

    The president of this country is damaging not only her but also all the people who are waiting for solutions to their problems in the midst of an economic, pandemic, and social crisis. Snap elections are not the solution and people know it. Today, Maia Sandu is at war not only with her political opponents but also with an entire country. She will lose this war. It’s just a pity that with her, many other people will become collateral victims. People are not to blame for having such a president, who is too proud and does not want to descend from her imaginary pedestal.  We are not afraid of early elections. We are sure of ourselves and our victory. But any illness and death of COVID-19 during the elections will be on the conscience of Maia Sandu.

    Action and Solidarity Party

    The Action and Solidarity Party welcomes the decision of the Constitutional Court of Moldova regarding the existence of circumstances that justify the dissolution of the Parliament of the 10th legislature. We consider it a favorable, fair, and timely decision. We have always said that the main problem of this country is incompetent and irresponsible government, supported by a corrupt and toxic parliamentary majority. We are waiting for the presidential decree to dissolve the Parliament and start the electoral process.

    Platform Dignity and Truth

    The current Parliament is the result of a mixed electoral system agreed by Vlad Plahotniuc and Igor Dodon, as a joint project of the most criminal regime in the recent history of Moldova, which replaced the rule of law and usurped power in the state. We stand for free and fair early elections. Our approach is based on responsibility, lawfulness, and constitutionality. We condemn populist and exclusive approaches, as well as the irresponsible efforts of some politicians to achieve at all costs their party and personal goals, regardless of consequences. The Dignity and Truth Platform will continue to fight for a clean Parliament and will continue to take all necessary steps to ensure that the future parliament is free of corruption and responds only to the interests of citizens and the country.


    What should the future Parliament do without delay?

    Alexandru Arseni, constitutional expert 

    According to Article 38 (1) of Moldova’s Constitution, the people’s will shall constitute the basis of the State Power. Therefore, the parties involved should respect the intentions and hopes of citizens. The taxpayers whose wishes are the rule of law, respect for human rights and freedoms, dignity, adjustment of legal provisions and the functioning process of the state apparatus in accordance with European standards. Namely, the adjustment of the rules of law would allow us to consider ourselves integrated in Europe. This would provide citizens with secure jobs, remuneration in line with the effort made, and ensure that the state budget is not used for other purposes. These are necessary prerogatives and the electoral contestants should include them in their programs as well as add to this program the nominal list of the future deputies. Otherwise, these parties should not receive a vote of confidence from the citizens. In this way, the state apparatus will be cleansed of corrupt, incompetent persons, who defy common sense and the law; corruption will be eroded from the state apparatus; the reform of the judiciary will be carried out. Since the judiciary is to resolve all disputes, it should be impartial, incorruptible, independent, ensuring the dignity of the functioning of the judiciary, of judges, and of every citizen.

    Alexandru Fală, expert in economy

    Following the early parliamentary elections, we will return to the 90s, when Moldova gained independence and should start rebuilding this state. A priority should be ensuring energy security and electricity supply. This is a key issue that we need to address if we are to move forward in resolving the Transnistrian conflict. In order not to be independent of subjects with hostile interests in Moldova, the country should be energy-independent. Fighting corruption is another priority. Older cases should be reviewed. For this, we need a class of honest judges and lawyers. Justice reform and the fight against corruption are extremely necessary. We also need to focus on a strong educational system. University studies should be strengthened so that those graduating from Moldova are competitive and not end up picking strawberries abroad or working on trailers in the USA. Without reforms, we will not move forward.

    Teodor Cîrnaț, expert in Constitutional Law 

    The new Parliament will have to vote for a competent functioning Government, able to develop an action plan, which would lead to stopping the pandemic in Moldova, mobilizing the population to get vaccinated. The judicial reform should come next too. Judges and prosecutors’ professional integrity and knowledge require assessments. At the same time, amending the Electoral Code would be a step in excluding inaccuracies that do not correspond to the rights of voters and election. The future Parliament should also study the Moldovan Legislation and revise the legislative acts related to the National Integrity Agency. In this way, the institution should obtain an effective decision-making autonomy. The future Parliament will also have to decide on the governing regime in Moldova, with amendments to the Constitution and a return to the presidential regime, in order to put an end to the crises related to the non-investment of a Government. Likewise, the future Parliament must amend the Constitution to introduce in the Supreme Law the possibility of appointing judges for life, without organizing competitions to appoint them every five years. The future Parliament should develop a socio-economic package that would support the population in times of pandemic crisis, such as the provision of compensation to those who lost their businesses. It is equally important that the future Parliament should draft legislation related to the creation of a health insurance fund in the context of vaccination risks. People having certain adverse reactions or consequences due to an anti-COVID-19 vaccine or other vaccines should use the resources of the fund for treatment.


    Iurie Cojocaru, Moldovan citizen in Great Britain

    The diaspora has supported the idea of early parliamentary elections ever since the presidential elections in 2020. We hope snap elections will be held this summer which will be another reason for us to rejoice. We are ready to get involved both in the organization (the logistics part) and with mass participation; we can even set a new record. However, as the political situation in the country is unpredictable and unstable, I do not pin high hopes for the short term. I realize that the big changes will come hard and our involvement is necessary. Speaking about early parliamentary elections and the diaspora, I would like a greater involvement of the diaspora in the destiny of our state, not only on Election Day. I would like to see in Parliament and in Government more people from the diaspora, competent and with a far-sighted vision, people who can contribute to Moldova’s development, who can share their experience, attitude, and dedication gained abroad. We have valuable people in the diaspora who, returning home, will bring a new breath to the political class. In fact, one of the ways we can bring Europe home is to bring home our citizens. I hope that this will be the campaign message of those who will be in Parliament. Of course, we must not forget about social assistance, education, health, as well as about justice reform. I would like to see people in Parliament who have a project for the country and not just a political project. I would like those who will go to the polls to think carefully before they vote. I would like voters to first ask themselves what they want for their future, for the future of their children. People should vote for those who fight for the people, not for those who steal, but “give of what they steal to us”. In our country, society is built in such a way that the tone of change goes from top to bottom. This is why elections (of any kind) are very important, and the role of the media is extremely important in portraying the situation objectively. Let’s all be more involved, more responsible this year and give Moldova back its true independence. Hugs from London.

    What do voters think about the problems that the future Parliament should solve?

    ION, 50 years old, Ialoveni district, center part of Moldova

    We hope the new Parliament will improve life for the people, for the children and there will be no poverty in the country and no thieving. These are the expectations. But I am afraid that nothing will change after the early parliamentary elections. The same people will win; they will get to Parliament and will continue to steal.

    MIHAI CĂRUȚĂ, 39 years old 

    First and foremost, I think there should be no thieving. They only think about lining their own pockets and ignore the people whose life is really hard. I hope there are more people now who understand that we need change. Currently, many do not work officially, because their salaries are very low and they no longer want to pay taxes. It is not worth paying taxes out of a salary of 200 euros. We understand it is not correct, but the situation imposes it. My highest expectation for the future Parliament is to send the guilty politicians to prison.

    EUDOCHIA ȘARCO, 71 year old 

    I hope for a better life because currently, life is really bad. My pension is 67 euros and it is shamefully little. I go to the store, look at the shop windows, and come back. I can only have a loaf of bread. It is not life, just existence. They increase the pension, sometimes by one percent, sometimes by three. I have been retired for 16 years and my pension has scarcely changed.

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